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DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker is a free SmartWEB's tool to check the SEO metrics, Moz metrics, Majestic, Age, Alexa, and backlinks of any domain in one click.

What are the DA and PA of a website?

In SEO, the term DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. These are helpful for any website to get a rank higher position on search results. The more DA and PA of a website, the more it is trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

How important are DA and PA in a website?

DA and PA signify the authority and credibility of your website in the eyes of different search engines. Therefore DA and PA are valuable for SEO and help in getting higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  • Search engines always rank the quality, value, and relevant content/results where DA and PA come into play.
  • Sites with high DA and PA rank well on SERPs compared to sites with low DA and PA sites.
  • With a high DA and PA, your search visibility increases, so you can reach your target audience and enjoy increased traffic.

Who started the concept of DA and PA of a Domain and its website?

Actually, it is a concept of search engines. It is not publically disclosed. All the search engines have given rank to your domain and website on the basis of its quality content and update frequency. The more old your website is, the more it is trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

The MOZ DA & PA have publically disclosed the DA and PA of a website. It is not exact but similar mostly.

How to increase the DA and PA of a website, and how long does it take?

Domain authority and Page Authority are measurements of the trust and quality of your domain (including the subdomains) and all its pages. All the pages of your website have the same DA but different PA. It is because the pages of your website have different values in the eyes of SERPs.

You can't build and improve your Da and PA overnight. It comes from hard work and continually updating your content in a way that will be more useful for the new generations and fresh.

Domain authority, like trust, continues to grow over time, as long as you do the right thing and follow the rules. just one small mistake and your domain authority can simply vanish, just as trust evaporates when you break society's rules.

Domain authority takes a very long time to acquire, and it is very difficult to maintain your domain authority at high levels. Once you have built your domain authority, growing them and developing better content is an ongoing task that never gets easier.

It does, however, become more difficult to maintain as the number of pages in your website, blog, and associated domain space increases over time. So be warned that this is a difficult metric to maintain at high levels. Domain Authority scores follow an exponential curve pattern, making it easier to go from zero to one, and harder to improve as you move up the scale.

There are a few things to be mentioned, which are useful to build your DA and PA.

1. Content is King

Content is King always. With high-quality page content and ensuring that the context of individual pages links and connects to the context of your domain, your PA will gradually increase. Thus you should always focus on your content. It should be in simple language and easy to read and understand.

2. Proper Navigation

You must have a WELL-MANAGED site structure with easy-to-follow and easy-to-use navigation tools that allow for a good user experience. There should not be too complicated to find topics on your website. 

  • You should categorize your content properly.
  • It is better if you have provided all the main topics or categories on the home page. It will be easier for a visitor to navigate from the homepage directly.

The site's navigational structure and user experience must also be of high quality, which is rather difficult to accomplish, and then maintain and continue to operate at optimal levels. The content context must be maintained and all content must be well managed.

3. Internal Links

Internal linking of pages inside the website plays a vital role in SEO. Domain authority depends on many things, and inbound links are one of the main sources of domain authority. the more inbound links you have, the better for domain authority, but those inbound links should be balanced, come from a broad base of different websites, blogs, or other online assets, and point to different pages within your domain, not just the bare domain, or just a small percentage of your site's pages.

The broken links need to be addressed, both outbound and inbound. You should periodically check for broken links on your web pages. This is an ongoing task as web pages disappear for strange reasons without notice.

4. Backlinks

 The backlink is one of the most important factors in increasing your Domain's Da and PA, as it helps to promote your website from the backend. It provides green signals for your website to search engines. You should build backlinks on high DA and PA websites.

The actual number of inbound links is not the primary metric here, as the number of linking domains carries more weight. a single link from a new domain can have a big impact on your domain score, especially when that link is from a high-quality domain.


Scoring high for Domain Authority takes time and is defended on a lot of variables, some within your control, and some from domains where you have no control, like who links to your site and the number of different pages to which any single inbound linking domain connects. Thus I suggest focusing on the above-discussed points to build your website's DA and PA.