About Me

Saroj Meher

hey there! I’m Saroj.

a teacher by profession & artist by passion.

This is my little space of the internet.

This website belongs to me. This website has been launched to inspire the artists as well as to show my artworks to the world.

From my childhood, I was highly inspired by my uncle Mr Antaryami Meher. His art techniques inspire me a lot. I used to study his way of drawing painting by standing at his backside.

I live in Tarbha, a small village in Odisha. You guys all must know that Odisha, famous for Lord Jagannath. My favourite things in life are colour& canvas, teaching my students and holidays.

In this space, I am always sharing my paintings(oil, acrylic, watercolour, mix-media, etc.), sketches (pen, pencil, charcoal) that I love to create on a regular basis. All are bonafide artworks of mine. My goal is to inspire you with my artworks that are both approachable and inspiring.

My Philosophy

“Art is the spirit of My Life”
 “Art that represents your personality. Art that holds your inner feelings, hopes and thoughts tight. Art that represents the LOVE of a family. Art that is divinely bestowed upon man by GOD.”

– Saroj Meher

          Art is a Passion. It is a free gift by the Nature.  It is the inner potential that resides in the living beings. In other way we can say it as the character of our soul. It basically shows up  the different skills of the person to the world.

          Whether the art shows up the character of the person, I can’t specify,  but it must shows up the inner quality or skill of a person or any living creature that bested upon him/her from origin. I say this because the character of a person can’t be examined by his/her skill of art.

          In this universe every living creature have some inner potential or art. Here we can say that some could showed up their potential by their skill of art in many different fields and some in few fields. Example—

          World Most Famous GENIUS Leonardo Da Vinci that empowered by various Art Skills. World’s Most famous personality like Einstein, Newton, Ashok, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Ch. Bosh, etc had show their skill of art in more than one fields.

Some expressed their art in the field of Archery, just like the Hindu Legend Mythological Hero  – The Great Archer Arjun, Bhishma (Devabrata), Drona, and also Karna.

Blogging Career

I like blogging. I have created some websites to help people. Here are those –

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LYRICS – SM Lyrics – A To Z Song Lyrics – The One Stop destination for Lyrics

Some of My Artworks 

Contact for any Customise Art, Self Portrait or any type of Painting.