7 Best TikTok Tools To Grow Audience

7 Smarter Ways To Enrich Your Audience Growth With Powerful TikTok Tools

The world is now going beyond the internet world, where social media took the most prominent place of the audience’s mind for entertainment purposes.

Before doing digital marketing for your TikTok account, you should know your followers well.

whether it is affiliate marketing, social media marketing, or digital marketing, without a proper understanding of the behavior of your audience, it can’t be fruitful.

Among social media platforms, TikTok has grown as the leading platform to show off your knowledge, creative skills to wider audiences. A powerful tool to bring out your thoughts in visual format is TikTok.

People started to explore their online presence by choosing the TikTok platform. In 2020, TikTok became the second-largest download application on the Apple store and attained nearly 900 million active users.

Due to the usage of high audiences, brands and businesses start to proceed with their growth using TikTok. Yes, the main aim of most brands would be getting higher engagement. And TikTok is a suitable medium to increase the engagement rate with appropriate marketing strategies.

Suppose you are new to TikTok, no worries! Maybe getting large followings may be challenging, but with the right strategy, you can win the hearts of your audiences.

Important Stats To Be Known For Getting Success

Before setting up your objective on TikTok, know the happenings on TikTok for the past years to get a clear idea of the platform.

  • There are one billion views for videos in a single day.
  • The United States alone has more than 100 million active users.
  • TikTok became the most downloaded application both on Android and iOS.
  • The average engagement rate on TikTok is 17.99% which is higher than on Instagram.
  • Application activated in more than 150 countries in 75 different languages.
  • 60% of TikTok users are young, running from 10 to 25 years.
  • Easy to use and keep updating on current trends.
  • Nine TikTok users among ten access TikTok multiple times.

Top 7 Ways To Grow Audiences With TikTok Tools

It is time to invest your marketing effort to grow your TikTok audiences and make your brand known to new people. The article shares with you the top 7 TikTok tools to grow your followers without spending all day on TikTok.

Video marketing also helps to boost your Tiktok visibility as well as your business within a short period of time.

Let’s get started!

Tool #1: Stromlikes

Stromlikes is the famous TikTok tool to grow likes, views for your video, and even the followers for your account. It is a service that gives you instant delivery with 24/7 customer support for your purchase. There are tons of positive reviews for the website, and it is the most secure tool to improve your brand performance.

It is a paid tool, and the package starts from $0.49 for 100 TikTok views and also there are other packages too for improving your TikTok account and making it shine on the platform.

Tool #2: TikTok’s Pro Account

An engaging option in-built on TikTok to improve the performance of your account is the Pro account. Instead of investing in third-party tools for the first time, you can try out the Pro account at the initial stage and gather experience. Using the TikTok’s Pro account, you can gather your audience’s engagement analytics, like the date and time of their active time and the time period in viewing your video.

It is a free tool and can be accessed by changing your profile to the creator’s account on the settings option. Using the information of Pro accounts, you can grow your followers on TikTok efficiently by preparing content according to your audience’s interests. Manage your account with the right strategy by peeping into the Pro account.

Tool #3: TrendTok

As all know, TikTok is an application filled with the latest trends. To win the hearts of audiences, above the creative thinking, most influencers go for TikTok tools to know the current trends. One of the favorite tools for knowing the trending topic on TikTok is TrendTok. The application helps you by giving information on the upcoming trends, which becomes easier for you to create future videos that lead to your videos going viral and ultimately results in getting followers organically.

Key features:

  • The application provides you the analytics of rising, falling, and future trends.
  • It also predicts the trends with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Personalized suggestions on trends, specially for your brand.

Tool #4: Analisa

The Analisa tool came into existence in 2019, and it empowered many brands in 57 countries. These tools also aim at marketers, brands, influencers, and other agencies to grow their account. Like TrendTok, Analisa tools also give results based on artificial intelligence. The analytics tools help you to get some valuable data, such as the number of likes and views for your video at a specific time. 

If you want to use Analisa for analytics purposes, you need to sign up for the application by choosing any one of the three paid options.

  •  The cheapest plan starts at $69 per month but gives you only limited analytics data.
  • Plus plan for $149 per month, which will be a better option worth for money, or
  • Go with the pro plan of $239 per month with any limitations for giving data.

Key Features: 

  • Give an accurate report of your campaign performance.
  • Demographics of your audiences.
  • An analyzed report of the content for your account.

Tool #5: Popsters

The Popsters tool allows you to evaluate and compare the efficiency of posts on your TikTok account. At the initial stage, you need to start experiments on TikTok accounts by launching content of different concepts. After a certain period, you have to find out which concept suits the best for your audiences by analyzing it. But, the Pospsters tool allows you to find the post that got the most response from audiences and gives you some performance indicators like time of posting, suitable hashtags, or the target audiences.

The pricing of this tool is different from others. Instead of fixing the pricing according to analytics of features, the pricing plan is purely based on the period of data, i.e., if you need to access data for 30 days, or it costs $9.99, or data for a year costs $89.99. 

Key Features:

  • Sorting and filtering of posts for a specific period
  • Exporting the report in the form of PDF, PPTX, or XLSX
  • It gives the statistics in the form of the graph

Tool #6: Pentos

When you use Pentos for analyses of your TikTok account, ot offers two features:

  • Monitoring
  • Analytics

Since this article provides you with analytical performance, focus on the analytics feature of Pentos. Using this tool, you can focus on tracking the organic activation of campaigns where the tool unlocks the performance data of your posts, hashtags, profiles, and music. From the analytics of engagement rate of the above phenomenon, prepare new content to engage your target audiences resulting in followers growth.

Key Features:

  • It gives analytics for your TikTok profile
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Video analytics
  • Song analytics
  • Get the performance of your account weekly
  • Export the report in CSV or PDF format

Tool #7: Exolyt

Some analytics tools work for all the social media channels, whereas Exolyt tools solely focus on TikTok. The tool aims at content creators, influencers, markets, and influencers to use it for tracking the statistics of their account performance, view the analytical data, and get higher engagement provided with valuable tips.

The most effective feature available on the Exolyt tool is that you can compare two TikTok profiles. Using this, you can get the report of both influencers’ followers count and also provide you the result of influencers having higher engagement. 

The Exolyt tool offers a free plan to get the data for a four days history. If you need advanced statistics, sign up for getting the influencer analytics by paying $12 per month. 

Key Features:

  • Growth of your profile with perfect statistics
  • It gives the data of daily tracking
  • Get the video statistics

Bottom Line

TikTok is the fastest-growing medium to achieve success and emerges with different features day-by-day for attaining faster growth. The tools available for TikTok fulfill your needs by providing analytics data required for your profile growth. Some of the essential services explained above will give you the perfect data to engage audiences with great content ideas.

Think TikTok is an investment medium for your profile growth and implement the right strategies with the strategies. TikTok will always remain the backbone for getting the audience’s growth and improves brand reach more faster!

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