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Saroj Meher

I am a Lecturer (English & Sociology), a professional Artist, and a blogger. I do painting, sketches since my childhood. I am in the teaching for 10 years. In this teaching line, I have experience in teaching English at High School and College levels. I have also experienced teaching computer theory during the school teaching period. This is my personal web corner over the internet.

It is an art portal that inspirits your art in different fields like watercolor art, oil painting, acrylic painting, pencil & charcoal sketch, etc. It is also an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Center to help people. I have built so many online tools for internet users, which help in their social media interactions.

“Art is the Spirit of Life”
“Art represents your personality. It holds your inner feelings, hopes, and thoughts together.”
“Art represents the LOVE.”
“Art is a Divine Gift for Human Being by GOD.”



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Various Tools

TOOLS - You get YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, Font Style Online, Secure Password Generator, iFrame Generator, BMI Calculator and Fancy Text Generator for free for your day-to-day works. The FB YT INSTA TW DOWNLOADER helps you to get the youtube thumbnails, FB & Instagram photos for personal use. The Font Style Online and Fancy Text Generator tools are for people to make their social media profile elegant and different with awesome fonts. The Secure Password Generator helps you to create a very strong, secure, and unique password for different use within a second. The iFrame Generator helps you to generate embed code from any URL just to add in your webpages and posts very easily. The BMI Calculator helps you to calculate your Body Mass Index very easily. These are free and easy to use.


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