Increase Google AdSense Earning: Best Tips

Increase Google AdSense Earning

Are you looking for tips to increase your Google AdSense earnings? You are at the right place.

It is not just the same way you writing your posts after researches. Increase the earning of Google AdSense is a little tricky. Let’s discuss all the possible ways, which practically help you to grow your earnings quickly.

About Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most trustable and highest-paying monetization platforms for a blog. You can easily approve your blog for monetization with Google AdSense with few simple tricks.

Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earning

Produce High Quality Contents

Content is the King 👑. Always try to produce high-quality and unique content for your blog posts. Every content should be of a minimum of 1000+ words.

English content is better than other languages. Try to use simple English words in your sentences, as it is good for normal users.

Better Ads Placements

Ads placement is another important factor to increase AdSense earning. Right ads placements incredibly grow your revenue in meantime.

Remembering these things will definitely grow your earning.

  • One ad after the first or second paragraph of your post. Recommended ads size – 300 x 250
  • One at the top of your right sidebar. Recommended ads size – 300 x 250, 300 x 600.

Ads Sizes Matter

Do ads sizes really increase your revenue?

Obviously, yes. Ads sizes play key roles in increasing your CTR. It is seen that big ads get more clicks than small ads.

Best Colour for Ads

The color of an ad helps it to attract users to click on it. The right color brings the notice of the users better than other normal colors.

  • Most prefer colors – Red 🔴, Orange 🟠,
  • Normal colours – Blue 🔵, Green 🟢,
  • Avoided colours – Black ⚫, Grey,

Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR stands for Click Through Rate, which means Clicks percentage % per Hundred Pageviews.

It is always noted that better ads placement leads to better ads clicks. The CTR mainly depends upon users’ interaction with your ads. They can skip the ads by only viewing or click on them to reach the ads’ destination place, in order to buy it or something else.

Increase CPC (Cost Per Click)

How much do advertisers pay for a single click on their ads is considered as Cost per Click. it depends upon the Quality of the Ads. An increase in CPC definitely boosts your AdSense earnings.

To increase the CPC of your website you just follow some tips:

  • Write posts on niche like finance, business, bitcoin, money related, which are basically of high revenue industry.
  • Focus High CPC Keywords
  • Target country like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Increase CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

CPM stands for costs for miles i.e. cost per 1000 unique impressions. In order to increase the CPM of Adsense, you have to do some tricks.

CPM is always affected by the Geolocation of the users. CPM will increase if the users belong to the countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc. These countries give $1 to $5 or more CPM. But Asian countries give less than $1 CPM.

Geo Targating

Geo-Targeting means to target the location of the users. It helps to increase the CPC and CPM of your Adsense and also helps in increasing daily revenue in Adsense.

In order to bring users from a specific country you have to do some tricks like:

  • Create content that is related that country.
  • Write content in that country’s home language.

High CPC Keywords

Do research for High CPC keywords in Google Keyword Planner. It will help to find out high CPC keywords with low competition easily.

Always focus on Long Tail keywords for better ranking.


Everyone needs to increase his/her Adsense revenue. In this article, we read how we can increase our Adsense revenue easily with few tricks.

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