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YouTube Region Restriction Checker

What is YouTube Region Restriction?

Everyone loves watching YouTube videos because it's a relaxing activity. However, you will often come across videos that cannot be viewed due to country restrictions. These geographical restrictions are mainly due to copyright or licensing issues.

Obviously, the Internet has a solution for everything. But these types of restrictions will limit your search quest. You can work around these limitations by using proxy servers to watch the video. But before that, there is an easy way to determine in which countries that particular video is not available. That's where this YouTube region restriction checker comes in handy. This website informs you in which countries a certain video is available and in which not.

Why is YouTube video blocked in my region?

The video may be restricted by the publisher or by YouTube itself. Not all videos are suitable for all or all countries, so publishers sometimes ban these videos in areas where it could lead to confusion.

YouTube blocking occurs for various reasons, including:

  • Avoid criticism of the ruler, government, government officials, religion or religious leader;
  • Do not allow videos that promote racism;
  • Violations of national law, including:
  • copyright and intellectual property laws;
  • Violations of hate speech, ethics, or laws based on morality;
  • National Security Legislation.
  • Deny access to videos deemed inappropriate for young people;
  • Businesses, schools, government agencies, and other private institutions often block social networking sites, including YouTube, due to site bandwidth limitations and the potential for distraction.

Source: Wikipedia: Censorship of YouTube

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What is YouTube Region Restriction Checker?

YouTube Region Restriction Checker helps you to check whether a video is restricted in a certain location. This tool lets you check any YouTube video whether is blocked in any country. To see in which countries it is blocked, you just have to put the URL of that YouTube Video and check it. It accepts both regular YouTube links, as well as shortened YouTube links.

How do I use the YouTube region restriction checker?

This is a free online tool for our visitors to check the restriction of a YouTube videos in different countries. You just need to enter any video link/URL and click on the "Check" button. When you click the check button it will take a few seconds to generate a world map highlighting the country restrictions of the video. Regions or countries where this video is not available are marked in red on the map. Hover your mouse over the map to see the exact names of these countries. Below this map is also a list of all the countries that are not allowed to watch this video and the countries that are.

Guidelines to use this tool:-

  • Copy the URL of any YouTube video.
  • Then paste it into the search box.
  • It is a 100% free online tool.
  • Click the "Check" button.

A map will appear to help you show the location and country where you can see whether the YouTube video is restricted in that country or not.

Important FAQs

What does this tool do?

This YouTube Regional Restriction Checker tool helps you to check whether a YouTube video is restricted to any specific region.

Do we store your personal data?

No, we do not store or collect your personal information using this tool.

How does this tool work?

We use YouTube Data API v3 to get the requested information about the requested video.