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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

A Dummy image generator is a free tool for creating placeholder images for different purposes.

What's a dummy placeholder image?

A dummy placeholder image is a dummy or a replica image of the actual image. Later, it can be replaced by the actual image. It reserved a place beautifully for the actual image for an example view.

A dummy image placeholder is a placeholder image that is used in place of a missing or loading image. This is often used in design and development processes, as well as in testing environments, to represent an image that has not yet been provided or that is in the process of being loaded. Dummy image placeholders can be helpful in indicating the intended size and layout of an image, as well as in avoiding visual disruptions caused by missing or slow-loading images.

Documentation - How to Generate a custom dummy image placeholder?

(A) Size - width x height -

It is optional to choose from. The default size is - 600x300px. You can set the height and Width of your choice.

(B) Background Color -

It is necessary if you want to create a dummy image with a color background with text over it. Colors are represented as hex codes (#000000 is black and #ffffff is white). If you choose a dark background then you should set the text color to the opposite (light) color. You can do it as vice-versa. The default color is silver.

(C) Text Color -

It s is optional. The default color is grey. You can choose another color of your choice.

(D) Image Formats - 

There are four formats available. Those are JPEG, PNG, GIF, AND WEBP. The default format is PNG. You can choose another option too.

(E) Custom Text -

Here you can input some text for your dummy image.  It will reflect over the image instantly.

If you want to generate an image for your blog post your words should be limited to give it value. You can count your word by our Word Counter.

Note: After doing all your desired options you can download the generated image just by right-clicking (choose the save image option) over the image.


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