MARKETING10 Simple Tricks To Get More IGTV Views

10 Simple Tricks To Get More IGTV Views

Once Instagram didn’t allow videos longer than a minute. But the longer-term video content is better as it spreads more info. At last, we could expand our recording time over a minute while filming. 

It is also a part of Digital Marketing strategies. It helps you to promote your brand.

Yes! Instagram launched a fantastic feature, IGTV, and it supports horizontal video content, changing its vertical video format. Thus you could create comfortable content. You know how to upload videos on IGTV(similar to posting other content on Instagram).

Sounds good! But it’s not an easy factor to grab more views for your IGTV videos. You need to focus on your IGTV strategies if you use IGTV already but are not gaining enough views for your IGTV videos.

Here it is! This article is entirely about tricks and tips to grab more IGTV views for your stunning videos. At the end of this article, you will learn how to get more views on igtv. Acquire more knowledge on how to raise your views and bring your IGTV strategies to the next step. Let’s dive in.

Tips to get more views on IGTV

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential factor in boosting your reach and engagement. Unknowingly people include irrelevant hashtags in their IGTV posts. If you wish to grow your engaged audience and grab views, you should consider your hashtag strategy. Here are the best practices:

  • Up to 30 hashtags are allowed in a post. But 11 to 12 hashtags are enough.
  • Ensure to utilize relevant hashtags in your post. If you use irrelevant hashtags to your IGTV videos, you can instantly get more audience, and it won’t last so long.
  • Avoid the banned hashtags.
  • If you include trending or any popular hashtags, your IGTV post may disappear from that hashtag page as it contains more posts. 
  • Also, don’t use the same hashtags for all your IGTV posts every time. It leads you down from your IGTV post’s effective reach.

Share Your IGTV Videos On Your Instagram Stories

Some say Instagram stories get more views than video content on feed. That’s why it’s necessary to tell your viewers about the upcoming IGTV video content via sharing it on your Instagram story. Clicking the arrow symbol on your IGTV post and tapping “Add to Story” is the simplest way to spread your IGTV video content on your Instagram story. Try it in another way if you need to bring it more excitingly.

You could still include links for your IGTV(not for websites) even if you don’t have 10K followers. Include a link to your IGTV video content in your Instagram stories and grab massive views. Many people wonder how you do that without having 10,000 followers. 

Instagram Live Mentions

Generally, Instagram stories also get lost if someone follows many people. So Live session on the platform is the perfect solution. If anyone goes live on Instagram, their followers get a notification, and they can see them at the top of the feed. Thus there’s no way for your fans to miss it.

You should give an attractive title for your Instagram live. Go live on Instagram consistently, provide an eye-catching title, and link your IGTV video content.

Promote On Other Networks

If you have a reasonable audience on other social networks, sharing your IGTV video link there helps you to bring more views. For example, most people have a Facebook profile. Rather than link, you could share the entire IGTV video to Facebook. Also, it’s an easy thing, click the “Share to Facebook” option while uploading your IGTV video.

Embedding your IGTV video content into your website or blog is the perfect option to grab more views promptly. If anyone clicks on it, they will be redirected to your Instagram account. 

Utilize Compelling Thumbnails

No one shows interest in watching a video with ordinary-looking thumbnails. Create the thumbnails for your IGTV videos more attractively, and it helps you get more views for your IGTV content.

Upload Preview On Your Profile

People always don’t enter your profile and check your IGTV videos. So upload previews about your IGTV video to make it simple for the audience to find your video. An exciting preview with stunning thumbnails would grab the audience’s attention and help in capturing maximum views to your IGTV video.

Do Collaborations With Others

If you need to reach a potential audience and make your IGTV strategies more powerful, it’s a perfect idea to connect with brands, creators, or influencers. 

Bring up multiple ideas on how you could make this collaboration more successful and gain greater attention. It brings enormous views from the followers of your collaborator and your fans. At last, you would attain double the views when compared, usually grabbing engagement.

Utilizing the trends on social media is a powerful way to get more views for your posts. For example, if you are a fashion blogger. You could see everyone doing facials these days. You could utilize this trend by uploading how-to-do facials in simple steps or making your unique twist in your content. You could follow the trends on Instagram and upload videos and get high reach.

Upload IGTV Posts At Right Time

If many people get your IGTV videos, you will grab the most views. But for that, you need to ensure while posting that they are active on the platform. You could know your best time for posting by monitoring your insights. Ensure to upload your IGTV video at the perfect time when most of your potential followers are active on the platform to increase your views for IGTV videos, and also pays the way for a quick rise in engagements.

Go For Paid Promotions

IG ads could be more helpful to gain more views for your IGTV video content. But keep in mind you can’t run your IGTV video as an ad, as the platform doesn’t have many features. If you need to grab massive views for your IGTV videos via paid ads, you could utilize the above-mentioned method.

You could upload a preview or short video content from your IGTV video on your Instagram stories since you could story ads. Provide a link on your Instagram stories to your IGTV video content to get many views and engagements.

Wrapping Up

These are the simple and powerful tips you can utilize to gain more IGTV video views. By this article, you must know how to increase igtv views. Don’t forget that promoting your IGTV strategy via these tricks is more effective, but the quality of your content also matters a lot. To shine in the massive crowd, you need to produce engaging content and be consistent.

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