YouTube Channel ID Finder

Find The Unique Channel ID Of Any YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel ID Finder

What is a YouTube channel ID?

The YouTube channel ID is the unique identifier for a YouTube channel. This identifier may be used by applications or social services to display information or YouTube streams.

What is a YouTube Channel ID Finder?

YouTube Channel ID Finder is a free online tool to get the YouTube channel owner's channel ID by entering the YouTube channel URL, video URL, or channel name of a YouTube user.

The YouTube channel ID finder will display the following channel information and statistics:

  • Channel ID
  • Channel owner
  • Start date of the chain
  • Channel description
  • Number of subscribers *
  • Total views*
  • The total number of videos *

* It may happen that the tool does not display the correct channel statistics. This happens when we need to search for a string instead of an exact match. Please make sure you are using the correct username, channel URL, or any video URL of that user. The best way to make sure you've enabled YouTube stats is to enter the video URL of the latest video on the channel.

How to use this YouTube Channel ID Finder?

It is so simple to use. You only have to enter any YouTube Channel URL in the given box and press the "Find Now" button to see the result.