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Material Design Angular File Upload Component

This tool is a simple & configurable file upload component for use with Angular Material. you can use this component to upload files.


In order to use mat-file-upload in your app, you must have the following dependencies installed:

  • Angular
  • Angular Material
  • Material Icons


  1. Install package from npm (npm i mat-file-upload).
  2. Add MatFileUploadModule to your module’s imports, like so:
  declarations: [AppComponent],
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent],
export class AppModule {}
  1. Add the element to your template, like so:




  [labelText]="'Select a file (or multiple) to upload:'"
  [selectButtonText]="'Choose File(s)'"
  [acceptedTypes]="'.png, .jpg, .jpeg'"


@Input() Properties

DirectiveTypeDescriptionDefault Value
[labelText]stringThe text to be displayed for the file upload label“Select file(s)”
[selectButtonText]stringThe text to be displayed for the button that allows the user to select file(s)“Select file(s)”
[selectFilesButtonType]stringThe HTML “type” attribute of the “Select Files” button“button”
[uploadButtonText]stringThe text to be displayed for the button that allows the user to upload file(s)“Upload File(s)”
[uploadButtonType]stringThe HTML “type” attribute of the “Upload” button“button”
[allowMultipleFiles]booleanTrue/false representing whether the user can select multiple files at a timefalse
[showUploadButton]booleanTrue/false representing whether the “Upload” button is shown in the DOMtrue
[customSvgIcon]stringThe name of the custom svgIcon to be used as the “close” button; otherwise defaults to Material’s “close” iconnull
[acceptedTypes]stringThe list of file types that are allowed to be uploaded“*.*”

@Output() Properties

(uploadClicked)EventEmitter<FileList>Event handler that emits the list of selected files whenever the “Upload” button is clicked
(selectedFilesChanged)EventEmitter<FileList>Event handler that emits the list of selected files whenever the user changes file selection

This awesome script developed by bjsawyer. Visit their official repository for more information and follow for future updates.

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