BLOGGINGDOMAIN & HOSTING Apex Hosting: Ultimate Guide in 2024

[Best] Apex Hosting: Ultimate Guide in 2024

Have you ever heard about apex hosting? Do you want to know the complete review about the best Minecraft server hosting? It is best to start a blog of your own with a cheap and quality web server.

So here it is, in this article, you will get all the necessary information as well as a complete review on apex hosting. The highlighted points we are going to discuss are the features of apex hosting, pricing of apex hosting, payment options, plans and subscription, speed and experience, support, trials, and refunds, last but not least mostly searched FAQ questions.

What is apex hosting?

Many of us don’t know what apex hosting is? In simple words, we can say that apex hosting is the Minecraft server provider. This is a US-based company that provides its servers for various business industries. It has so many server options with a lot of features. Its all features come with fair and reasonable prices, which makes it better than others. Apex hosting is gaining so much popularity due to its offered features and RAM source.

Features of apex hosting

Apex hosting is a company operated from the US which has a decent amount of customers. They have eighteen current working locations around the world.

The first impression of an apex hosting business website is not that much attractive but its speed of navigation and its simplicity are worth a lot. The website is pretty simple, having all the easy steps that we need without having any trouble.

The company claims they use the latest technology which helps to ensure that all the server’s work is effectively and lag-free. You can enhance your experience with its 1 Gbps speed of working ability so you can run your servers smoothly.

Apex hosting features mainly DDOS protection, one-click mod pack installations, free subdomains, backup options for servers, multicraft version having a user-friendly interface, etc.

Apex hosting Minecraft service packages Plans, prices

Talking about apex hosting Plans we can get ten kinds of Minecraft service packages. Its basic budget plan starts from $4.49 in the first month and it increases by $5.99 on renewal. This basic plan provides you with 1 GB RAM, if you wish to launch a game then you can use the provided unlimited player slots.

The plan prices increase according to RAM increment. The latest edition added is 15 GB RAM for a price of about $59.99. This massive pack helps a lot to the users who want plugins, modpack, and add server connections into their business.

Trials, refund options

Apex hosting is much straight forward as there are no free trials or testing options provided. So if you want to join it then buy a plan and use it. In refund options, the company claims a 7-days money back guarantee if it fails to fulfill your business goals.

Payment options

To purchase its plans there are so many options provided. No matter from which country you are buying there are payment options like debit cards, credit cards, Stripe, PayPal, etc. Anybody can buy apex hosting Plans without having any issues.

Apex hosting experience and speed

Apex hosting is regularly updating its features as well as gaining a good amount of popularity among users. This features high clock speed CPUs with dedicated SSD uses so have better speed than others. Speed is decent whenever checked with a speed calculating tool. There is no impact of any of the features on the speed of the server so don’t worry about it.

Apex hosting support

The customer support services are available 24/7 through live chatbots, by calling. The support is always open from chats to call or by other social media platforms so be tense free. The support personnel are also responsible and kind whenever we talk to them. The live chatbots are enough to solve your problems. Their arrangements are nice with all possible questions related to issues.


Apex hosting is gaining a lot of popularity due to its useful features and one of the best support services. They are running over eighteen locations around the globe which should be considered. Apex hosting gained the title of best Minecraft server provider on the internet today.

Its speed and experience are quite better than other hosting providers. The plan’s pricing is also reasonable along with so many worthy features. The support system is also good with quick support. Overall one of the best service providers for gaming purposes which provides good RAM.

Buy plans from its official website and try them out. For game hosting it’s best due to its high RAM capacity. Frequent mod packs as well as their installation are fast and easy. The support system is also good, especially the live chat option.

FAQ on Apex Hosting Minecraft

How to enable command blocks on apex hosting?

Step 1: Go to the multicraft control panel and select the option called configure files.
Step 2: Now select the server settings, at the top of the page.
Step 3: Find and select enable command blocks.
Step 4: Finally, restart your server for setting up your changes.

How to change server icons on apex hosting?

It’s very easy to add or change server icons on apex hosting.
Step 1: Go to the server panel and stop your server, now go to the game panel on the left-hand side to access your FTP file and login in.
Step 2: Now you will see the upload option in front of you, just click it and drag it with your newly prepared server icon.
Step 3: Once the image goes to 100% then you can restart your server to get a new icon on it.

How to cancel apex hosting plans or subscriptions?

To cancel apex hosting Plans or subscriptions there is an easy process. Just have to terminate your payment methods like PayPal linked to apex hosting from the official billing web address of apex hosting. Whenever the cancellation request is received by an apex hosting provider then they proceed to cancel your subscription. If you are eligible for any kind of refund then they will send you without any issues.

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