URL Opener

Bulk URLs Opener From A List of Websites' Links

URL Opener

Open the whole list of URLs at once. Just Paste the URLs in the above box and click Open. It will open all the websites at once. All your links will be opened in separate tabs of the browsers.

It is fully compatible with almost all famous browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. both in desktop and mobile versions.

Note: Opening too many URL Links at the same time can slow down your browser/computer.

About URL Opener

URL Opener is a simple yet useful productivity tool that offers Search engines, SEO masters, or any website visitor the ability to open bulk URLs list from a website or a number of websites at once. You can use the link list from any word document, excel spreadsheet, or any other website. Simply paste those link lists and open those links quickly for your research. It will reduce the headache of opening a lot of URLs one by one.

Why Use a URL Opener

This is a very simple and easy-to-use URL opener. You don't have to do anything hard. Just put your URL list in the box above and open it with just a click. It is very helpful while doing your research on the internet, SEO, marketing, Affiliate, etc.