Screen Resolution Simulator

Screen Resolution Simulator

Check your Website's Look On Different Screen Sizes & Resolutions

The screen resolution simulator allows you to see how a website or application will look on different screen sizes and resolutions. This can be helpful for web designers and developers who want to ensure that their websites are responsive and look good on a variety of devices.

To use a screen resolution simulator, you can either use a standalone tool or a browser extension. Standalone tools often have more features and options, but browser extensions can be more convenient as they allow you to test the website you are currently viewing.

To use a standalone tool, you will need to enter the URL of the website you want to test and select the desired screen size and resolution. The tool will then display the website as it would appear on a device with that screen size and resolution.

To use a browser extension, you can simply install the extension and then use it to select the desired screen size and resolution. The extension will then resize the website to match the chosen screen size and resolution.

It is important to note that screen resolution simulators can only provide an approximation of how a website will look on different devices. Actual device performance and display characteristics can vary significantly, so it is always a good idea to test your website on a variety of actual devices to ensure that it looks and functions as desired.