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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker Tool is a Free Website Age Checker SEO Tool that lets you look up a domain's age of any website quickly and easily. If you have an aged domain, this tool makes your research easy.

What is Domain?

A Domain is the location of a website on the internet just like our land in the physical world. It is seen in the URL of any website like in this website. It is the address by which we can get access to the website by going to that domain address (URL).

Does domain age matter?

When analyzing a site, it is very useful to measure the age of the domain to quickly determine a possible quality score. If your domain is 10+ years old, you'll likely get a strong backlink profile, which also helps your pages rank higher, even the new articles.

Does Domain Age really help in SEO?

How old is your domain, doesn't matter to Google's search algorithm. But how active is your website, and how frequently it updates, matter to the Google algorithm? Buying old domains somehow gets you to rank faster or higher if it has a strong backlinks profile.

How to check the age of a domain?

This Domain Age Checker Tool is one of the best tools to determine the age of any domain easily. To use this SEO tool, simply put the Domain Name or URL in the text field and click on “Get Domain Age”. Immediately, it will display the date when the domain was first created as well as the date when it was last updated.



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