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Worse & Funny Domain Names

Domain name is the most important part for any website, as it highlights or represents the whole website and its contents.

If we found ‘news’ word in domain name then we would be sure that the website must contain news. Like that if we find any ‘job’ word in domain name, then it represents that the website must be contain job related articles.

Besides all of these many times we found some worse and funny words in domain names of some websites.

Cool & Funny Website Names

  • – Winter’s Express
  • – Therapist in a Box
  • – Teacher’s Talking
  • –
  • – IT scrap / It’s crap
  • – Therapist finder or The Rapist finder

Funny Domain Extensions

Here are the some funny domain extensions that you can purchase for some purposes.

  1. .fun – This extension can be use for entertainment or funny websites.
  2. .xyz -It can be used for the website related to every thing.
  3. .io – Although it sounds different, but it has some funny pronouncion. So it can be used for the website for fun.
  4. .bb – It pronounce liki Biwi (Wife in Indian Hindi Language).
  5. .iq – It pronounce IQ
  6. .no – It simple pronounce No
Saroj Meher
Saroj Meher
Howdy! Friends, I am Saroj Meher. I am an Artist. I do Painting on mediums like Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil etc. I have over 7 years of experience in WordPress. I am currently running 30+ website. I am specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce, WordPress Theme Customization and Theme Development. I can fix any kind of WordPress error/issue like PHP, CSS, Js issues and other Theme and Plugin related issues. Client's Satisfaction is my first priority.

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