HTML Encode

HTML Encode

Protecting and Rendering Special Characters in HTML


Use the HTML Encode tool on SmartWEB to safely encode special characters in HTML. Ensure proper rendering and protection of HTML content by converting characters to HTML entities. Simplify HTML encoding and enhance web security effortlessly.

HTML Encoding

HTML encoding, also known as character encoding or entity encoding, is a technique used to represent special characters and symbols within an HTML document. Since HTML has reserved characters with special meanings (such as <, >, ", ', and &), encoding is necessary to display these characters correctly.

How does HTML encoding work?

HTML encoding replaces reserved characters with their corresponding character entities. For example, the less-than sign (<) is replaced with "<", and the greater-than sign (>) is replaced with ">". The ampersand (&) is replaced with "&" to prevent it from being confused with the start of an entity.



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