URL Rewriting Tool [Advanced]

URL Rewriting Tool [Advanced]

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What is URL rewriting?

URL rewriting is a technique used when you want to convert your dynamic URLs to static URLs. The URL rewrite tool will help you with this conversion. But before learning how to use this tool, let's understand what dynamic and static URLs are.

What are dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long strings of characters that include +, #, %, etc. Dynamic URLs can change over time.

The benefits of a dynamic website or dynamic URL are as follows:

  • A dynamic site has more features than a static one.
  • Dynamic websites are very easy to use and update.
  • On dynamic websites, visitors or web users interact seamlessly.
  • A dynamic website allows information to be exchanged between the website owner and end users.
  • The disadvantages of a dynamic website or dynamic URL are as follows:

Although a dynamic website has too many advantages over a static website, it has a big disadvantage, which is that it is very expensive to host, maintain and develop a dynamic website.

What are static URLs?

A static URL is a link that does not support a long character string, is shorter than dynamic URLs, and does not change over time.

Website owners, SEOs, and marketers convert their dynamic URLs to static URLs as they are easier to remember and bookmark due to their immutable nature. Search engines also prefer static URLs over dynamic URLs, so they help rank your site.

The benefits of a static website or static URL are as follows:

  • They are inexpensive to develop compared to dynamic URLs. Hence, they are comfortable.
  • They also develop quickly and easily.
  • The disadvantages of a static website or static URL are as follows:

It can only provide basic informational functionality and cannot provide dynamic functionality to the website.
A static website requires web browser know-how to edit or update

URL Rewrite Tool by SmartWeb 

The SmartWeb URL Rewrite Tool will help you convert a long dynamic URL to a shorter and simpler static URL. Static URLs are easier for end users to remember and easier to tag when needed. Also, static URLs can help with optimization for search engine ranking purposes, which is why they are mostly preferred by SEOs and website owners.

How to rewrite URLs with SmartWeb's URL Rewrite Tool?

Using our URL rewrite tool is not that hard to understand. It is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can be trained in a few simple steps.

Step I: Open the URL rewrite tool in the SmartWeb tools section.

Step II: Enter the dynamic URL (with HTTP/HTTPS protocol) you want to rewrite in the given text field.

Step III: Click the "Rewrite URL" button.

The URL rewrite tool will create a static URL in just a few seconds. You can copy it and replace your website's dynamic URL with a static URL generated by the tool.

Note. If the provided URL is already static, the tool will not perform the conversion. Instead, a message will be displayed stating that the URL entered is not dynamic.