YouTube Description Generator

Generate SEO Friendly Description For YouTube Videos

About the Video

A Detailed explanation of what the video is about, including important keywords.


A breakdown of the main sections of your video by time. Similar to a Table of Contents Ideally these should actually be links to the specific time section of the video as well.

About the Channel

Briefly explain the type of content you publish on your channel.

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YouTube Description Generator

YouTube Description Generator ~ Generate SEO Friendly Description For YouTube Videos

YouTube Description Generator Tool helps you to generate SEO-friendly descriptions for your videos that help you boost your videos, grow popularity, and increase watch-time and viewers.

A good YouTube description can boost your audience's interest and lead to longer watch times, better views, and even new subscribers. Additionally, it can help with YouTube SEO, allowing YouTube's algorithm to understand your content and suggest it to new users, thereby increasing your YouTube stats.

Consider using our YouTube Description Extractor, if you want to extract the description of any youtube video.

What is a description on YouTube?

There are two types of descriptions on YouTube that every digital marketer should be familiar with:

Descriptions of YouTube channels. The text of your channel's About page. It helps viewers understand what to expect from your brand and can be used to explain why they should subscribe to your channel.

YouTube video descriptions. The text under each video. It helps viewers find your video content and convinces them to watch it. It may also contain important URL links and additional information relevant to your video.

Best 6 Tips for writing YouTube Descriptions

1. Be specific

Be specific about your video content, title, and description. It helps your videos grow genuinely and organically. Don't put words that are not necessary for the video's description. 

2. Research & Use Proper Keywords

Always research for the best keywords before creating any video.

Choose the best searchable keywords on the title and description of your video.

3. Write Genuinely (Don't Copy Content of Other Videos)

Don't copy the content of other videos available on YouTube. Do it yourself. Describe your video briefly.

4. Provide Values

Always keep in mind that your video must provide value to the viewers. It should be helpful to solve the problems of the viewers.

5. Avoid Clickbait

Don't use violated words in the title and description of your videos. Your video content must match its title and description.

6. Add a call to action

You can put a call-to-action information in the video, that helps viewers to explore your other videos related to their queries.