MARKETINGDIGITAL MARKETINGWhat is Digital Marketing | Tips You Need To Learn Now

What is Digital Marketing | Tips You Need To Learn Now

Broad outlook of  Digital Marketing  process/knowing  Digital Marketing process  in whole/Get complete understanding of DM process:

What is Digital Marketing?

Defining Digital Marketing

The term Digital Marketing was first used in 1990. Today; Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing field to market the products or services through electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. Digital Marketing applies technologies such as websites, email, apps and social networks to engage with a number of people and create a relationship with clients. It’s different from the traditional marketing form. Internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing are the entire most one and the same thing.

How Digital Marketing is done?

Few things to keep in notice for effectively conducting Digital Marketing for your business:


It means to get yourself visible on web, so that customers can know about you by sitting at their place. one can get  visibility on internet  through  various social media tools like creating account on Facebook, twitter ,linked in and uploading videos on you tube.  Posting blogs and articles and submitting the same in various directories, displaying banner ads on high ranking websites and so on.

Get connected to targeted traffic

Once your visibility increases ,next step is to connect  to your potential customer  which can be converted into clients. For this first  segregate the people who  are looking for your products or services and those who are not actually looking for  your product or service now but can form a potential customer database in future . People who are looking for you are PULL LEADS which are comparatively easy to convert.

Engaging People

We have to constantly engage people through various online activities on website and social media sites in order to convert leads to business. More the people stay on your website; more are the chances of conversion. Activities that can be done to engage people are Offers, Discounts on purchases, Buy one and get one phrases etc.

Lead Generation

Once people are engaged on your site,lead is generated. Leads could be micro or macro. Micro leads may have uploaded your brochure, subscribe to blogs, articles ,or newsletter,done some activity on your site but not actually interested in buying your product or service as of now. Macro leads like inbound call ,subscribing for free trial or person himself visiting your place are the leads which are interested in your product or service and can be converted into sales.Micro leads are nurtured to macro leads and macro leads in turn nurtured to sales.

Analyzing  performance

This is the best thing in DM that you can evaluate the working of every tool you are using to promote your product or service online through WEB ANALYTICS . it clearly shows which channel is fruitful and giving better results as compared to others.,so that you can spend your money wisely and keep account of every single penny spent.

Retaining last customers

DM not only aims at getting new customers but also retaining the old customers so that they come again for buying and refer others also. This can be done through email marketing, after-sales services, feedback form or better suggestion or advises can be asked and so on.

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Saroj Meher
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