BLOGGINGSEOVideo SEO: Paramount Guide to Upscale Your Strategy

Video SEO: Paramount Guide to Upscale Your Strategy

Video content for marketing and branding has soared in the past few years. As much as SEO is a necessity for blogs and website content to improve the search engine ranking, video SEO is crucial for increasing visibility and engagement for the video. The SEO optimization of the videos enhances their ranking in search engines and is an excellent strategy for affordable advertising and marketing. According to Statista, the video advertising market has grown tremendously, with global revenue of $92.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to go up to $162.2 billion in 2026. Hence, integrating video SEO is paramount to the growth of a brand or business by engaging with the target audience.

Importance of Video SEO 

Integrating SEO strategies with a video aligns it with the search engine algorithm and improves its reach. According to a report, a video can convert 80% more from a landing page. Video SEO helps consumers find video content online and improve overall visibility. It is found that websites or posts embedded with video content generate higher organic traffic. The analytics shows that the time spent on a page or website is drastically improved when it contains a video. Google’s algorithm prioritizes and ranks higher the websites or pages with video content.

  • Videos are responsible for increasing the core SEO KPIs of a website. As customers prefer watching a video over reading, it drives high organic traffic, decreases bounce rate and increases time spent by visitors on a website.
  • The use of SEO in video increases the click-through rates of the SERPs (Search engine results pages). The SERP with a video link drives higher organic traffic. A website with video content is more likely to show up on SERP.
  • Video SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic from the target audience and support higher lead conversion. The high-performing videos used as backlinks are a generator of enormous traffic.

Strategies for Implementation of the Video SEO

While video marketing is a dominating marketing strategy, it requires solid SEO to drive traffic, boost conversion, and increase overall engagement. Here are some of the tried and tested strategies for video SEO:

Plan and create Quality Videos 

The first step towards video SEO is creating, processing, trimming, and finalizing the video. Make sure that the video you create is relevant to the brand or business. Using a video trimmer makes it easy to trim the irrelevant content and put together the necessary content. The significant benefit of trimming the videos is to keep them concise, precise, informative, and engaging. Here are a few things to keep in mind while trimming the video:

  • Use an tool that you are comfortable with. Most online editors have trimming options.
  • Upload all the shots or video snippets and individually trim the unnecessary part to make them precise.
  • Trimming the video gives it a professional outlook and relays the information while creating higher engagement.

Once you have created the video, choose the right platform for uploading the video. For example, embedding the video on a website optimized with SEO increases organic traffic to the website. Use relevant hashtags if you are uploading the video on social media. SEO optimizes the video’s description to make it visible to the target audience.

Add the technical details for the video.

No matter where you upload the video, it is crucial to follow the video schema to optimise SEO. The use of video schema markup is the HTML code that provides information about the video and its content. Here are some important factors to upload for increasing the ranking of the video on search engines:

  • The title of the video is a must. Make sure to give an SEO optimized title to the video to drive visibility. But, keep in mind to avoid clickbait titles as it can reduce search engine ranking.
  • Describe the video and optimize it with the relevant keywords. Consider including a video transcript enriched with keywords, backlinks, etc., for improving the SEO of the video. For example, the description box below the YouTube video provides space for including a video transcript. While writing the video script, do thorough keyword research and SEO optimize it.
  • Embed the URL with keywords to exactly appear the same in a SERP for the target audience.
  • The duration or length of the video is another important factor. The search engine pulls out the data and populates the duration label on the thumbnail, a way for engaging the audience with the right video. Instead of auto-populating the thumbnail, customize it with either a relevant image or words. Many users decide to watch the video or click on it based on the thumbnail.

Optimize the videos based on the platform

The video optimization differs based on the platform on which it is uploaded. Hence, different parameters are responsible for ranking the video on platforms like YouTube, social media or search engines. For YouTube, it is crucial to focus on optimizing the metadata, including the title, description and categories. Another determining factor for higher ranking of the videos in the time metrics. The higher the time spent on a video, the higher its ranking on YouTube.

However, for search engines, the dynamics changes and other factors are also essential to rank a video high on search engines. Hence, for increasing the ranking of the video on search, it is necessary to use an appropriate video trimmer and editor to create compelling videos, make them relevant, embed videos on websites or blogs, opt for paid campaigns for driving higher views, promote across more channels, and implement necessary metadata.


Video SEO is not yet utilized to its potential, but it can completely transform and upgrade video marketing strategies. SEO for the marketing videos increases the reach and organic traffic of the videos, resulting in driving sales to funnel through lead conversion. Make video SEO a part of the marketing plan to improve website performance, build a credible target audience, and spread brand awareness.

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