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ReactJS 101: Everything You Need

Over the past few years, ReactJS has been a highlight in the mobile and web development industry. It is estimated that over 95,000 websites currently utilize ReactJS, and there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This rapid increase is also because huge companies like Airbnb, Facebook, PayPal, and more prefer to hire ReactJS developers for dedicated user interfaces.

This gives React an immense amount of credibility. Therefore we will not be surprised to know that you are considering ReactJS for your upcoming projects. However, before you start with the development process, it is of utmost importance to understand everything about the technology you are going to use. Don’t worry, we have got you covered there too. All the questions to ReactJS will be answered here.

Let’s start with the basics first:

What is ReactJS?

In simple words, React is a popular open-source JavaScript library developed to create fast and interactive user interfaces for mobile and web development. It is a front end library with a component-based structure responsible for the view layer of the application. The architecture is popularly known as MVC (Model-View-Controller), where the elements show how the application looks.

The Three Expressions of React:

  1. Component

These are the building blocks that are assembled together to create an application. If you hire dedicated ReactJS developers, it becomes easy to create customised ReactJS components for specific features in your project. They are also known to simplify the development process.

  • JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)

JSX is an extension of JavaScript where developers write views using XML and HTML. These views can further be mixed with JavaScript to control the logic.

  • Redux

Redux is like a state management library for React paired with a dynamic ecosystem. This ecosystem allows you to work with components in a sensible and practical way.

Some Extraordinary features of ReactJS:

  • Virtual DOM

React is different and preferable because it keeps a lightweight representation of the DOM in its memory, known as ‘Virtual DOM”. It is relatively easy to manipulate the VDOM instead of the real DOM. Why?

Because when the object state changes, the VDOM changes only the object in the real state instead of updating all the objects in the line. This makes things move efficiently, especially in the front end technology environment where the app development requires maximum attention.

  • Component-based approach

The components mentioned in the previous section are responsible for the entire functioning of your application. They take care of the network communication, complex features, managing state and UI functions. You can also quickly implement design schemes in the display due to this modular approach.

  • Declarative

Rather than the coding section, React focuses on the view and the features visible to the users. Declarative means providing a better user experience through the interface, which is the most critical factor in any app development. You can easily debug the component and screen using this feature.

  • Flexibility and Ecosystem

We can see how flexible it is to work with ReactJS. Apart from that, marketers and enterprises prefer this technology because of the extensive ecosystem. You get ample amounts of resources to choose from when it comes to React libraries.

  • Minimalism.

The best part is that React is a small platform that can be installed easily without much configuration effort. React has a code splitting feature that minimizes the loading time of the website. Therefore, efficient functioning with display features.

  • Backward Compatibility

It is always an added benefit to keep an upgraded technology that pairs perfectly with older library versions. ReactJS supports this functionality to make your app more usable. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Performance

React uses a Virtual DOM, which ensures faster development than other alternate front end frameworks. How? ReactJS breaks a complex user interface into smaller components where multiple users can work separately on each module.

  • One way data binding

React’s particular one-way data binding keeps every module function in check. A unidirectional data flow emphasizes a better control of the entire application. This way, whenever a react app is designed, the child components will be nested with the parent components. That’s how you know when and where an error occurs.

Why do you need ReactJS Development?

You require ReactJS development for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Reusable components

Website development agencies prefer to hire dedicated React developers since it has multiple components to control various logics and views. These components can be reused easily throughout the application, which ultimately leads to lesser development time.

  • Small learning curve

It is super easy to understand React since it combines JavaScript with HTML along with add-on benefits. You also have suitable tools and resources to guide you with the technology. 

  • Flux and Redux

Flux architecture goes along with unidirectional data flow and compliments the entire process. Redux, on the other hand, is a kind of interpretation of flux architecture. It is used explicitly for logging, exception handling and async API.

Where should you use React?

ReactJS can be used with the below projects and streamlines :

  • E-learning websites
  • Rating websites
  • Portfolios
  • Coupons and forum sites
  • Job boarding sites
  • Sharing media platforms
  • Promotional platforms etc.

Internet Giants That Rely on ReactJS :

Here are some of the most prominent enterprises that rely on React development for their projects:

  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb etc.

Final Words

Many more popular platforms are joining the list of React development. In the right situation, this technology can transform complex user interfaces into simpler ones. However, we will recommend you hire React developers to understand its working and then decide if it’s the right tool for your project.

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Saroj Meher
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