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PILLAR POST | It’s Structure & Importance in SEO

 In this, we will talk about what a pillar post is, how it will help you build authority and generate traffic for years. For starting my successful blog, I have come across several other bloggers talking about pillar posts and the importance of pillar posts/pages. So, let’s dive into this topic!

What is a pillar post?

We can consider the pillar post as the foundation that supports the rest of your content marketing. Pillar posts are big and heavy posts. Pillar posts are really useful, well engaging, actionable and improve traffic and ROI. They never contain irrelevant content, they are always made up with relevant content and other data like images, text, audio and video to support the posts that you are going to make next. 

In other words, pillar post is a long-term strategy. So, take your time in building out quality, and useful content. It’s going to be paying enormously for your business for years to come. Usually, pillar posts may take a long time to start understanding how it pays off.

What is Pillar Page?

A pillar page is one page in websites that acts as a cornerstone for all pieces of data/ content of a site.  

For example:

One website may discuss many topics like Email marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Content marketing. But all topics are connected with one main page by hyperlinks. That main page discusses digital marketing. All other topics like Email marketing, SEO, Social media marketing are sub-parts of digital marketing. 

Pillar pages are longer than any other normal blog posts. Pillar pages are usually similar to an ebook with hyperlinked chapters at the top of the text.

Importance of pillar post

 Pillar post helps us to organize our site and content because it covers all aspects of the topic we’re trying to showcase. Pillar posts are usually longer than typical blog posts because it covers the whole detailed content in-depth, while there’s no hard rule for it but it usually covers a 4000-6000 word range. It is not just long but comprehensive, as it covers the whole material. If you’re at a point where you are starting your journey as a blogger, building trust with your audience is the first key to becoming a successful blog writer. You need to demonstrate that you are a valuable resource to them and want them to come and explore the contents of your blog.

Pillar posts help introduce the reader to your niche or topic and make them see how knowledgeable you are in your niche and to see if you’re able to answer their questions. Pillar pages are beneficial to your website as it helps visitors navigate your content and to see if each piece of content make sense. It should cover a topic that you are trying to rank for in search engines, and related to the product or services that you offer. An easy example is to go for content marketing or video marketing. Choose the topic for which you could answer to the reader who is reading your content and to achieve this, it’s with pillar content. Make sure your subtopic content always links back to your pillar page. It will boost the stats on your website and attract more readers and have better access to your targeted audience.

A pillar post is a perfect way to grow your blog, content and build your brand. Don’t forget to structure out your blog’s foundation and choose a niche to promote. Make it a viewable and noticeable pillar post to build your email list which is more important. 

Steps for writing pillar post:-

Here are a few most widely accepted steps to keep in mind while you write a blog that will act as a pillar post 

Step 1: Choose your topic

It’s important to understand your audience, their needs, mindset, strengths and weaknesses. Once you recognise the needs of your reader then it’s a cakewalk to create a blog on similar lines. 

Katrina- Vicky’s wedding was the talk of the town.  Social media was bombarded with every minute detail of the D-day. The entertainment portals had found their hot topic and knew that the audiences will remain hooked to their mobile screen to know more about the private ceremony.  


Think about your customers, what would they research before buying any product?

A blog should manoeuvre the reader to related topics of interest. Suppose a blog post for students interested in studying abroad should have plenty of hyperlinks that will lead/her on REI websites. A well-researched blog with relevant hyperlinks will increase your credibility as a blogger and with word of mouth and SEO, it’ll attract more traffic. 


To know what’s going on in the mind of your customer before they buy your product or service?

The Pandemic has made almost everyone home-bound so as a blogger you can discuss the challenges that every age group is facing. Suppose you can talk about the adverse effect that online classes are having on kids and discuss a few tips on reducing screen time.   

You must become the answer to these questions and how can you achieve this- to think like your prospective consumer. This will help you to identify hot-button topics that are on your customers’ minds during the buying process. And once you know the questions you can start being the answer to those questions. This will be the foundation for your blog post. 

Pillar posts should be much longer than average blog content. But one thing to note: they are not just long but comprehensive. Pillar pages help in improving site structure. Google’s algorithm not only looks at individual pages but also considers many pieces of content together and this helps in receiving better ranking and visibility on the Web. 

It’s easier to rank for high-volume keywords. 

Pillar pages will rank for competitive keywords that have high search volume and SEO difficulty because they cover the most demanding topics.

Pillar pages and topic clusters showcase your expertise


By following these steps you are sure to achieve a better brand name and get a high ranking in SEO. 

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