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Email Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Email marketing as the most important communication tool for customer loyalty and information is an absolute must for you as an entrepreneur. It comes under digital marketing.

No one can do without e-mail marketing these days, experts agree. Email marketing is exceptionally efficient.

ROI – “Return on Investment”

Email marketing for companies – the alternative advertising tool

It gives you personal access to your customers, lightning-fast reactions, you save postage costs, printing and paper costs and have a particularly fast response time. Interactive communication with your customers is not only cheaper, but also time-saving.

If you are interested, the customer can click an order button immediately or call up further information. If used regularly, email marketing can also provide you with more information about your potential clients. The more you know about your buyers, the more accurately you can place your offers. 

E-mails as a marketing tool also enable you to measure the response time precisely and to capture precise target groups in relation to products or topics. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your email marketing campaigns to your buyers based on the key figures determined.

In contrast to the sales letter, you are able to track exactly which emails have been read and which have remained unread. You’ll also learn what content had the most click-through rates. 

E-mail marketing for your company: This means a particularly high level of transparency with regard to your advertising success and concrete help with the help of acquired key figures that enable you to continuously improve your advertising strategy. 

Above all, this means that you have to present essential content to the customer in order to increase the click and opening rate. The recipient’s statement must be able to be recorded quickly in seconds!

What else you should pay attention to

Personalization of e-mails is always in discussion – this is a question, the answer of which is unfortunately not yet clear. Customers would like to be addressed directly. This gives them a feeling of value, because everyone likes reading their own name. 

However, there are often people who enter the wrong first name. Then this has the opposite effect. You no longer feel personally addressed and will only very unlikely open this email. Pay particular attention to the headline: short and crisp is more meaningful than lengthy and cumbersome. 

Not everyone can write e-mail texts that “tear the stool”. You should consider either hiring professionals or teaching yourself the basic building blocks of this promotional tool so that your email marketing leads to the desired success. After carefully selecting your target group, you should motivate them to react immediately. Bluntly ask your potential buyers to buy, click or enter their details! Make sure that you only send emails when you have new information or new products to offer. Avoid overwhelming the recipient.

According to the experts, the potential of this instrument is far from being exhausted. Since targeted and successful marketing using e-mails is a very complex topic, get advice from experts or hand over – at least the design of the technical details – to a company that specializes in this area. So you can be sure that your advertising measures will bring the success you are hoping for.

How to make Email Marketing Effective

These days, the best way to approach your targeted segment is to send them an email. Email is like sending commercial message to someone personally, one will open it only if it has some unique qualities to get it opened else it’ll be deleted even before opening and with that your purpose for writing that mail will also be ended. That’s the biggest fear in mind while designing an email, since all your efforts will go in vein if it’s deleted before opening.

Mobile and Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools to improve ROI. The layout of the email should be mobile-friendly since people now a day access their mails at mobile-only. The idea is that we shouldn’t lose any of the potential customers; therefore emails should be mobile optimized. Optimizing your email strategy really matters since you approach people personally in a way and there are highest chances of conversion in it, since you are reaching directly in their hands. If email is relevant enough you’ll definitely get the reply back and it could be one of your potential lead for conversion.  

Factors to keep in mind while framing email:


The email should be relevant and to the point conveying the same information which the customer wants or it should be industry-specific. It should be a line up as per clients’ needs.


It’s important to note the time when you are sending mail like early morning so that one receives it first in the morning. Avoid sending on weekends.


The email should have a good design or template, carrying proper Headline and Subject. Receiver’s perspective should be kept in mind while designing. One would open it only if the headline is of his use.


Content in the mail should be valuable enough so that it could make the reader feel that he’s missing something if he’s not replying back to this mail or it should be like strong enough to create the need even if not required. 


Clean and exact message conveying images should be used to make it more attractive.


First and foremost thing to be done is to collect the targeted database at which emails have to be sent to get better results.

Keeping these small things in mind can optimize your email n mobile marketing campaign and thereby, getting better results and in turn better ROI. It improves your online presence and extracts potential leads. Before initiating this campaign, one needs to have a better understanding of his target market or audience, their needs as in what suits them, or what information they want. Once you have a clear idea in your mind how to carry the entire email campaign, the results will be positive.

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