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Pillar Post

PILLAR POST | It’s Structure & Importance in SEO

 In this, we will talk about what a pillar post is, how it will help you build authority and generate traffic for years. For starting my successful blog, I have come across several other...

Worse & Funny Domain Names

Domain name is the most important part for any website, as it highlights or represents the whole website and its contents. If we found 'news' word in domain name then we would be sure...
Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing | Tips You Need To Learn Now

Broad outlook of  Digital Marketing  process/knowing  Digital Marketing process  in whole/Get complete understanding of DM process: What is Digital Marketing? Defining Digital Marketing The term Digital Marketing was first used in 1990. Today; Digital Marketing is the...
Email Marketing

Email Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Email marketing as the most important communication tool for customer loyalty and information is an absolute must for you as an entrepreneur. It comes under digital marketing. No one can do without e-mail marketing these...
AUTO Update The Copyright Year

AUTO Update The Copyright Year of Your Website

How to Automatically Update The Copyright Year of your Website Updating the copyright year one by one on the HTML pages of your website is quite boring and time-consuming for everyone. It is now easy...

Convert Number to Words Using Angular Library

An Angular library is an Angular project that is different from an application in which it cannot run on its own. A library must be imported and used in an application. Libraries extend the...

Copy Text To Clipboard Angular Directive | ngx-clipboard

An Angular directive for clipboard.js that allows the user to copy text to clipboard and paste elsewhere. Here is the full guide to use the ngx-clipboard components. Installation You can get it on npm. npm install ngx-clipboard...

Angular Material Design Scroll To Top Button

Lightweight, Material Design inspired button for scroll-to-top of the page. No dependencies. Pure Angular! This is a Lightweight, Material Design inspired “go to top / scroll to top button” with no additional dependencies. Just hit the button to...

Angular Table With Paging and Filter [Source Code]

Are you looking for sample table design with paging and search function in angular js, then in this article I have shared awesome free script to create html table with pagination and search function...

Password Strength Meter For AngularJs

This angular password strength counter is used to calculate and display the strength password so that the visitor can choose the best strongest password. You can use our Secure Password generator tool to generate...