RadhaKrishna - Original Oil Painting - 20 x 24 inch

RadhaKrishna - Original Oil Painting - 20 x 24 inch

hey there! 

Today I am going to share my favourite and first oil painting that is made in Dec. 2015. This took almost two months to complete. I did this with a lot of interest, as it is my first oil painting and also my most favourite God. Love became divine when it possesses unselfishness as well as specifiable. I can be feel, understand, but quite difficult to give the correct and one-sentence definition.

This painting is dedicated to two divine lovers of all time. They are treated as God in Hinduism.  The main theme of the painting to show the eternal love that ends never.

Image of the Original Painting

Room View of the Painting

If you want to fill the wall of your drawing room, then it will give a new look to the entire room.


Best for bed-room, to get you to feel energetic, love and affection with your love.

It is the best choice to fill the wall that gives you a peaceful feeling while you are in a depressed mood after workload. 

Details of the Painting

Title                                   RadhaKrishna
Year                                   2015
Dimensions                       20 inch x 24 inch
Standing View                   Landscape
Medium                             Oil Colour
Surface                              Canvas Pasted on Hard Board
Hanging recruitment          Need to be framed to hang
Primary colour                   Blue and yellow


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